Classroom Courses

We offer classroom courses internationally. We also offer each of our courses as OnSite Training at your premises or as Customised Workshops.

If you would like to join a classroom course please contact us.

Read about the key benefits of our Classroom Data Centre Training…


FREE access to the online course

When you book onto a Classroom Data Centre Course you automatically get a subscription to the equivalent Online Data Centre Course. This means you have access to detailed reference material which you can refer to whenever you need to.

Repeat the training in your own time

You get all of the benefits of Capitoline’s Online Data Centre Training meaning you can repeat topics you found difficult the first time around or you can follow the whole course again.


Questions are encouraged in the Classroom

Your Classroom Data Centre Course is led by a highly qualified instructor who will encourage you to ask questions. Why? – Because they love answering them.

Class interaction and discussions helps you to learn.

If you have a question after the training then don’t worry. You can still contact your instructor and they will be happy to answer your questions.


Meet like-minded professionals

Because our Classroom Data Centre Courses are so specialised you will have something in common with the other students. During the breaks you will have the opportunity to network with them and share experiences.

Unique experiences of other Data Centre Professionals are often shared during the class. It is always good to get confirmation from your peers that what you are learning has a real practical application.


Our Instructors are highly knowledgeable, skilled teachers

Our classroom data centre courses are written and delivered by our founding directors, Matt and Barry. They have a unique, and unusual, combination of training skills, engineering, IT and data centre knowledge and business management experience. You will often find an instructor with one of these but rarely all of them together.

Our experience is not confined to one or two data centres or one company’s way of doing things, we see different sites every month. That’s every thing from corporate computer rooms to International colocation sites across the world. This is why we believe our data centre training is the best. So do our students. Read these Data Centre Training Testimonials.


Certified Classroom Data Centre Training – Level 5 European Qualification

Our classroom data centre training is independently assessed and fully certified.

When you pass the exam you get a certificate. You also get a Course Logo to use. Include it in your email signature or on reports. Prospective employers can check the validity of a Data Centre Certificates by contacting Capitoline.


Searchable electronic course reference

Each classroom data centre training course student receives a searchable course reference. The course material is very comprehensive and each topic is supported by detailed notes and clear graphics and photographs.

And don’t forget, you also get FREE access to the equivalent Online Data Centre Course.


Class exercises and quizzes

During the course you will carry out class exercises individually, in pairs or in groups. The act of working through the exercise reinforces understanding of the topic so you come away with a clearer understanding of the subject.

You can also take part in short mini quizzes after each topic so you retain what you have learnt.


Hear about real data centres. Not just theory.

Did we mention how experienced our instructors are? Well, in our classroom data centre training you get to benefit from that experience.

Wherever we can we introduce real project examples to make the training as practical as possible. We believe this makes the training more interesting and more relevant.

If you have only worked in one or two data centres or for one or two companies your experience is limited to those environments. Our instructors have experience of 100s of data centre environments, both the physical infrastructures and the operations management. We see what works and what doesn’t and we can teach this to you.