Custom Data Centre Workshop

1. You decide the subject and the duration

Data centre design, data centre operations management or something else. You decide the objectives and the timescale for your data centre workshop.

2. We create a Custom Data Centre Workshop for you

Our Instructors have a unique combination of technical, business management, marketing and teaching skills so you get great value for money.

Customised data centre workshop

Are you planning a new data centre or computer room?

Our design consultant will guide your team through the decision making processes in a dedicated data centre workshop. The end result could be a high level design and requirements specification for your new data centre.

Do you want to improve your Data Centre Operations Management processes?

Gather together your Management and Operations team and put together a high level management and operations manual with the help of an expert.

Are you planning to enter the Data Centre market?

You will want to know where your product or service fits in. A workshop led by one of our expert consultants could save months of research.