Become a Certified Data Centre Cleaning Specialist Company (DCSC)

Capitoline invites all qualified companies to join the world’s only certified data centre cleaning specialist certification programme. Admission to the programme requires demonstration of suitable staff training and management quality systems in place.

This quality assurance programme from Capitoline is exclusively for specialist data centre cleaning companies to demonstrate their capabilities in this demanding field.

Prove to your customers that your company has the training and management quality systems in place to ensure safe and effective operation in their premises.


  • Step 1: Have at least 3 employees with current DCCS Data Centre Cleaning Specialist training certification from Capitoline
  • Step 2: Submit your company quality plan to Capitoline for review after paying the DCSC Data Centre Specialist Cleaning Company Application Fee
  • Step 3: Upon successful review of the quality plan (see below) and payment of the DCSC Certificate Fee you will be able to download your certificate and logo

Certification is valid for two years and during this time you will be listed as Certified on Capitoline’s website.


  • You must pay the DCSC Application Fee to submit your company quality plan for approval.
  • You must pay the DCSC Certificate Fee upon approval of the quality plan to receive your Certificate and Logo. The DCSC company approval is valid for two years as long as staff training requirements are met.
  • 3 of your staff must pass DCCS training certification from Capitoline. You can ‘gift’ registration to your staff using the product link below.

The prices for each of these are shown below. Click on the blue buttons to place orders.

FAQs -Frequently Asked questions

What if our quality plan doesn’t meet the Capitoline requirements?

The Application Fee is payable before submission of the quality plan materials. If the materials do not meet Capitoline’s requirements then a report will be sent to the applicant detailing the defective areas. Applicants have six months in which to resubmit a new quality plan at no further charge. If the requirements are not met within 6 months a New Application Fee must be paid.

For a further fee (Price on Application) Capitoline offers a service to write suitable quality plans for applicant organisations.

How long does certification last?

DCCS Certification for individuals lasts three years from the date of passing the online exam. DSCS Certification for organisations last two years from acceptance by Capitoline. During company certification period the company must have at least three employees with valid individual DCCS certification. If the number of staff with valid individual DCCS certification falls below 3 the certified organisation will have one month to rectify the situation. If the DCSC certified organisation has less than 3 employees with valid individual DCCS certification for more than one month Capitoline reserves the right to suspend their organisation certification until the situation is rectified. Any such suspension will not extend the certification period.

How much does it cost?

Organisations must maintain at least 3 DCCS qualified staff. Current online training costs can be found above. For company certification applying organisations must pay the DCSC Application Fee before submission of their quality and a further DCSC Certificate Fee upon acceptance by Capitoline. Costs for these are shown above. After the two-year certification expires organisations can re-apply on the same basis (i.e. resubmitting the quality plan) and at the prevailing prices at time of application.

What do I get?

Trained individuals receive an individual certificate and logo. Qualified organisations receive a certificate and logo and usage rights. Certifications for individuals and organisations can be checked for validity on Capitoline’s website.

What do I do next?

Apply by paying the Application Fee above or Contact Us to ask any further questions.

Quality Plan

Capitoline DCSC Data Centre Specialist Cleaning Company Certification – quality plan requirements

After payment of the DCSC Application Fee you will be required to submit documentation or a quality plan that can demonstrate compliance with the following articles. Submissions, must be in English, in PDF format.

No Article Demonstration
1 Risk assessment Show process and example documentation that describes how a risk assessment is conducted and mitigation is in place to assure human wellbeing and protection of client’s assets.
2 Personal Protective Equipment, PPE Show process and documentation to describe how the risk assessment leads to the free-issue of relevant PPE to staff.
3 Staff training Show how training needs are assessed and the training programme in place, and its method of recording, to demonstrate that all staff can safely and adequately carry out their tasks.
4 Accident reporting Show documentation to prove that all work place accidents are recorded and how management reviews and responds to this data.
5 Method statement Routine cleaning Show a list of instructions that details how cleaning tasks are to be carried out.  There must be specific instructions on the raising of floor tiles and working below raised floors and working with smoke detection equipment.
6 Method statement Exceptional cleaning Show a list of instructions that details how exceptional cleans are carried out for any spillage that your company is qualified to deal with, e.g. water leaks, oil spills, battery acid spills etc.
7 Biological and pathogen cleaning Show a method statement for how biological and pathogen cleaning is carried out and staff are protected.
8 Exception reporting Show how staff can report to management and/or client how faults and exceptional incidents can be reported and recorded.
9 Final report and certification Show examples of final cleaning report and any certification provided.
10 Other supporting information. Please provide any other supporting information you think relevant such as approval from other quality assurance bodies, quality management plans etc.
11 References Submit at least two references from customers confirming your company’s capabilities in this area.