Data Centre Training Reviews

Read what our students say about our data centre training

The course was very enjoyable, focusing on the most important points to take into account in data centers. Very interesting exercises were performed to know the capacity of the data center, which is essential to be able to audit them. The course is a highly recommended, and the teacher was a highly qualified professional.

Miquel Arjol Marco

Excellent training course. Excellent presentation of the topics.

Francesco Tedesco

Great and engaging course with the right amount of detail. I have learned many things on this course and really enjoyed it. It was presented at the right pace and level and has given me a much better understanding of what goes into designing a Data Centre, which then flows into operating a Data Centre.

Mark Chappell, UK

Excellent and well paced course, with easy to understand content. The end of module quiz’s were a great test of my understanding, helping to underpin my existing knowledge and also educating me on topics I had a lesser understanding in before I started. Thoroughly enjoyable course.

Mark Chappell

Very useful and practical. Recommended for all Data Center professionals.

Alex Asiedu, MainOne, Ghana

I Loved it. It is very very practical. I really like the fact that it is based on facts gathered across a lot of datacenters. In one’s career, one can have experience working in only a few datacenters, often locally. so the insights from other datacenters across the world was revealing indeed.

Evans Guase, MainOne, Ghana

A comprehensive course with great support given when required . The access to the course material which lasts for a year gives me chance to refresh myself if required.

Alex House, UK

Easy to understand. What could be improved? Nothing

Trevor Kleinert, Australia

Being able to participate in my own time made the course more manageable. I can not find fault with this course

Karl Leonard, Ireland

The course is a great insight to the Data Centre environment. It covers everything and anything involved inside a Data centre. Would highly recommend for anyone in the industry. It is a excellent pack of information not only to learn, but also to have access to throughout the year!

Jordan Willing, UK

Capitoline have made it so much easier to prepare for any Data Centre job. The various Data Centre issues and scenarios cited and solutions proffered show the vast Data Centre experience of the Instructors. I recommend this training to anyone working in a Data Centre.

Oloruntobi Okunrounmu, MainOne Data Centres, Nigeria

Clear and concise. Nice course for a datacenter personel. It should be advertised more so that people all around the world can be aware of it and learn more

Tumwagile Gedion, NMB Bank PLC, Tanzania

Slides are well explained. Voice quality is good

Robert-Nesta Gemadzie, Mainone, Nigeria

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you as I have received a great career offer even during COVID crisis from one of most reputed companies in UAE once I got certified from Capitoline.Both DCOM and DCD course help me a lot to enhance the knowledge and skills which helped me to perform very well in interviews.

Dineesh Sreedharan, UAE

Great information. Modules at your own speed

Chris Torbitt, BT, UK

Simple to follow

Bob Bruce, BT, UK

I found the training to be thorough, well delivered, and engaging. I have done a similar course through another training provider and your training is by far the better at providing actionable information. I will be looking to undertake the other training on offer to further my knowledge.

Thomas Foster, Ticlion, UK

Very Informative with clear and actual Data Center operating examples, loved the entire course content.

Debora Kongola, NMB Bank Plc, Tanzania

Amazing! more experience , much knowledge

Ahmed Nasser, Expo2020Dubai, Dubai

This DCOM course provided the student with tools to develop a sound operations program by covering the topics that are pertinent to operating a world-class data center. This has been an outstanding course and highly recommended to others in the field of managing data centers.

Adrian Stubbs, USA

This DCD course enhances what I learned by experience as a data center manager. I learned a few new things that I wish I had known many years ago. This is an excellent course, not only for its content, but because it teaches the applicable standards for the United States, Europe and internationally.

Adrian Stubbs, USA

The trainer is very knowledgeable in Data Centre Domain. Material and reference provided is relevant and up to date. The trainer ensured that we, the learners. get the concepts and uses repetition to ensure that the concepts sticks. The trainer is polite and keeps time very well

Albert Mibey, Kenya

It was an amazing course. Really going to help me in the future

Jaswinder Singh, Kenya

Training materials are very resourceful. Presentation by the instructor very good and explanations well done.

John Munyao, Kenya

Very practical and very relevant to my job. The training has shown me the gaps I need to fill.

Josphat Mbugua, Kenya

Thank you for providing these excellent courses. They have played a key part in the career progression I have had in the last year.

Jason Phillips, UK

I really enjoyed the DCD course and I appreciated all your support, prompt replies to email and phone. Hopefully I will start the next course at the beginning of next year.

Hartirath Binning, Canada

The training was clear and dealt with the subject clearly. It was perfect for me.

Babatunde Oshunkoya, Mainone, Nigeria

The training is very expository, broad and covers all the necessary standards.

Amarachi Sobola, Mainone, Nigeria

The audio is so clear and articulate and really easy to understand. I think that in the future when my staff, whose first language may not be English (although having a good command of English), they will find it easy to follow.

Natalie Coleman, Future Hygiene Services, UK

Good professional training with great, international and standards based Data Center design and operations knowledge

Stanley Ijeh Ejime, Mainone, Nigeria

I have just completed the online DCD (Data Centre Design) course and it was fantastic, I am now looking to do the DCOM (Data Centre Operations Management) course.

Jason Phillips, UK

The DCOM training is a career development pathway for me as individual and the choice of Capitoline makes it more great because no other could have deliver it better than Capitoline. Delivery methodology is sweet, sound is perfect and graphical representation is great.

Sylvester Ojiezele, Mainone, Nigeria

The online training is very simple to use, detailed technical info , examples are from real life , responses from instructors are fast & covering the clarifications perfectly.

Fadi Ismail, GBM, Kuwait

It was a good decision from my side, not going for CNET, and I would like to thank Capitoline for their facilitation of the course in a better way. The course was really helpful, and has enhanced my technical abilities.

Mohammed Salhauddin, Abunayyan Group, Saudi Arabia

Matt has delivered a fantastic training course on Data Centre Design in Entebbe, Uganda. Very professional with answers on every question asked, wonderful presentation skills, fulfilled completely my expectations.

Armend Aliaga, United Nations, Albania

Excellent course for DC management. It identified clearly the items that are required to ensure your DC is online all the time and how to have the correct procedures and documentation in place when it goes wrong.

Kurt Goodall, FedEx, Belgium

Data Centre Design Course is a must for any individual not only working in a Datacentre but also in the IT/Telecom Environment. This will help in avoiding over designing of the system. Instructor Mr. Barry Elliott has loads of experience & he is giving minute details which is valuable for new designers.

Sathish Radhakrishnan, Kentz, United Arab Emirates

Great course, has given me lots to think about, but has also provided me with a wealth of very useful facts and information which I can use to hopefully educate others within my company on the importance of proper procedures within our data centre spaces.

Louis Twomey, Heanet, Ireland

The course delivered many really useful ‘rule of thumb’ and straightforward calculations which will make life as a DC Ops Manager a great deal easier.

Paul Stephenson, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

This course could not be delivered better by anyone else. Capitoline are data centre designers and well experienced auditors with a worldwide experience. Everything you need to know is right here!

Gbenga Adegbiji , Main One Cable Co., Nigeria

It has opened my eyes to doing things better at the data center. I will encourage every facility manager or any IT person working at a data center to get this course to enhance his or her work.

Kingsley Kwame Dankyi, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana

The course is an eye opener for all datacentre and facility managers.

James Kariokoo, Co-op Bank, Kenya

Instructors extensive knowledge in DC environment is extremely useful.

Clement Chin Su Yin, CSF Group, Malaysia

Should be mandatory for every IT Facilities guy.

Marco Bianchin, European Council, Belgium

If you are an IT Infrastructure Manager then this course is the place to be in order to understand the mystical concerns of the Facility Managers.

Thierry Engels, Network Research, Belgium

DCOM training was excellent and well delivered by Matt Flowerday.

Rakesh Kumar, Smartlink Network Systems, India

Found the whole course very useful, as we are in the process of building a new DC. Plenty of information to bring to site meetings & ensure proper instalation.

Rory Clarke, Interxion, Ireland

You do not know anything about Data Center until you come for this training. Matt Flowerday is good and on point. I CALL HIM THE WALKING DATA CENTER.

Herbert Djanie, GCNET, Ghana

The instructor was well prepared and able to answer all our questions with enthusiasm.

Musa Chinade, Galaxy Backbone, Nigeria

Material and instructors methods are extremely well thought out and structured.

Howard Brown, Atos, United Kingdom

I learnt something new on every slide even after 14 years working in the field. The course material is outstanding with references to every standard you will ever need.

Nick Hedges, United Nations, Italy

A must attend course for any serious minded Data center professional, as the training will expose you to a NON-VENDOR specific understanding from an IT Physical infrastructure perspective.

Adeyemi Oremehi Oluseyi, WECO Systems International, Nigeria

Matt presented this course very professionally and if you were not sure of something would take time to go through it. I would certainly recommend him.

Chris Wellfair, Secure IT Environments Ltd, United Kingdom

A complete overview of what you need to know as a DC-manager or what every IT-technician and manager should know about the environment.

Filip Goeteyn, Federal Public Service Finance, Belgium

The instructors knowledge and experience added real insight and depth to the class.

Reem Asaad, Raya Corp., Egypt

Gives a better insight for IT department into the Facilities side of running a DC. More to it than just Power On and away you go, all the monitoring & reporting that needs to be produced.

Rory Clarke, Interxion, Ireland

I would advise anyone who wants to delve deeper into the information and protocols in respect of data centers. Do not hesitate to register for this session.

Ahmed Ba’abbad, Arab Vision, Saudi Arabia

Superb!..Right on the dot!

Rolando Ernacio, Samba, Saudi Arabia

Extremely informative course, covering all aspects of Data Centre Design, best practices and standards compliance. Highly recommended.

Orla McGann, Heanet, Ireland

Perfect course!

Przemyslaw Sobczak, EOS IT Solutions, Ireland

Absolutely great course. I recommend that anyone who is considering building or running a data centre should take this course as it would significantly aid their understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Adedoyin Adeola, MainOne Cable, Nigeria

The course was very helpful. Especially as we are building a new data centre and from what I’ve learned in this course for sure I am going to change many things to improve the design.

Abdulla Abdulla, United Nations, Uganda

The course is given very thoroughly and coherently with good and clear examples of the given information and a very good overview of standards and requirements.

Derk van Dieten, Deerns, United Kingdom

Material well detailed and informative. Instructor showed immense knowledge.

Ebenezer Nii Ankrah, Stanbic Bank, Ghana

The instructor was a very good choice in my opinion, very experienced. The course really surpassed my expectations. It has definitely improved my knowledge in data centre management tremendously.

Andie Femi Moyan, Petrodata Management Services Ltd, Nigeria

A very comprehensive and complete set of items you have to take into account when designing a Data Centre. Very nice manual with the necessary pictures and layouts.

Ruben Vandenheede, Volvo Car, Belgium

With the knowledge that I have gained from this course I find myself more prepared and empowered to support my organisation’s data centre in a more efficient manner.

Rita Okechukwo, CTBTO, Austria

The course proved very useful in identifying the key areas of the various standards relating to data centres, it saved me a lot of tedious research. It also conveyed the meaning of the standards in a very comprehensible way.

Louis Twomey, Heanet, Ireland

This is the most practical data center course that gives you real first hand experience of what is going in the current data centers around the world.

Paul Emmanuel Appiah, MTN, Ghana

CAPITOLine is the CAPITAL of all professional training in the whole world. Am really impressed with the deep knowledge of the facilitator and the training material provided.

Herbert Djanie, GCNET, Ghana

I found the course fully applicable to my job as a network manger and as a member of the data centre management team within my organisation.

Stuart Grogan, Health Service Executive, Ireland

Excellent course for an introduction to data centre design. Course notes excellent as a reference and the course solidified a lot of pockets of information gathered over the years.

Karol-John Hamill, Alltech Fibre Ltd , Ireland

Excellent course !

Baps Nicolas, NRB, Belgium

I can now leverage my company to have better standards for our existing data centers as well as for future projects. I recommend this course to the Engineers/Technicians who are involved in day to day operations to enhance their skills.

Mohammed Salhauddin, Abunayyan Group, Saudi Arabia

This course has armed me with sufficient information to pre Audit my systems and prepare me well in advance of requesting an external Audit. It has prompted me to discuss some areas of my environment with my team mates as I am now sure some areas will need to be addressed.

Nioclas Odonoghue, Susquehanna International, Ireland

One of the best courses I have attended to date. It is vendor and standard neutral and gives an overview of the entire DC technologies available which makes it unique.

Hemant Ganale, GCSS, Oman

It is a very useful course for people who want to manage their Data Centres by saving energy and improving reliability.

Mozaffar Bafghi, Paykar Bonyan, United Arab Emirates

An excellent holistic view over DC design and Operations – beneficial regardless of experience.

Simon Parfitt, Visa, United Kingdom

Enjoyed the course very much. Course layout is very systematic and is coupled with the right Instructor, which was a huge value-add for this course, in my opinion.

Shika Alex, Intel Corporation, Egypt

The course gave us a clear idea about how the data centre works and helped us perform quick calculations to estimate cooling and electrical loads.

Shadi Najjou, Assass Engineering, Lebanon

Practical and to the point is the least I can say about this course. It saves tons of reading and months of knowledge acquisition in three-days of easy to understand material. It is a must have for any data center professional or data center solutions company. Thank you for all the hard work.

Abdulazim Abdulazim, AJAD, Saudi Arabia

Presented very comfortably and competently. Many opportunities to delve deeper with questions – superb. Excellent tuition. Very relaxed, Stacked with relevant information.

Darren Davies, Secure IT Environments Ltd., United Kingdom

This course should be followed by any IT staff member that is working within premises where a DC is located, to be aware of the DC constraints and objectives.

Alexandre Koenig, European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems, France

The course provides knowledge of standards, regulation and best practice in the world for Data Centre Operation. Don’t rely on experience only!

Dennis Magkasi, Du Telecom, United Arab Emirates

The course provided the benefit of knowledge on how to manage and operate a data centre with minimum downtime.

Hon Lai Kin, CSF Group, Malaysia

The course was very useful and covers all the main points that need to be considered by Network, Server system and Data Center staff. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking/working in data centers or data center projects.

Munir Al Zadjali, Oman PDO, Oman

The course is excellent. It covers all of the topics related to DC operation and management based on the international standards and norms.

Rachid Arabi, APC, Egypt

The course was well balanced for different capabilities and experience and I found it exceedingly informative, even my own subject. However, it was presented in such a way that I could understand most of the technical issues outside my expertise.

Paul Barry Rees, CKR Consulting Engineers, United Arab Emirates

It really changed my mind regarding how to operate a DC.

Khalifa Alneyadi, Knowledge Center, United Arab Emirates

Both Instructor and Material exceeded expectations.

Mohamed Saied, Teleperformance, Egypt

Very important course. Should be mandatory for all people dealing with data centres in the United Nations.

John Korfiatis, United Nations, Spain

A good course to know about DC operations and management.

Devendran, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia

Excellent Course. Very Useful and relevant to the task that I have in hand as a Design Manager participating in the design of a Technology centre at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Hala Al Ameri, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, United Arab Emirates

I enjoyed how simply the instructor presented difficult and diverse topics.

Said Ahmed, United Nations, Mali

Easily the best IT training in my 7 years IT career. Content was spot on and very relevant. A real eye opener.

Martins Olusegun, Insight, Nigeria

Course content is good and having vast coverage. The lecturers are knowledgeable and have extensive practical experience.

Joji Mathew, CHR Consulting Engineers, United Arab Emirates

A must for anyone involved in the Operations, Design or Management of a Data Center.

Simon Carvalho, Paramount Computer Systems, United Arab Emirates

This course is the professional beginning step to know how to start designing a Data Centre.

Khalid Fahmy, United Gas Derivatives Company, Egypt

Thank you for the excellent course this week. It has been incredibly useful to me.

Richard Piper, RBS, United Kingdom

Anyone who works in data centers must gain this knowledge.

Ahmed Waly, Mobinil, Egypt

The course has empowered me with the knowledge to confidently ask the questions and comprehend and challenge the answers. A good course that has given me plenty of questions at work upon my return.

John Taylor, EDF Energy, United Kingdom

All data centre staff should attend this course.

Werner de Klerk, United Nations, Italy

Excellent course. No messing about. Very pleased with the course. Fantastic. Great course, Will recommend.

Paul Glugston, Student Loans Company, United Kingdom

It is really informative for a consultant engineer going in to data centers.

Joseph Chehab, Edarat Group, Lebanon

It’s just perfect! Best neutral design course ever. Thanks a lot.

Mohammed Said, Teleperformance, Egypt

Data centre design is the best course for any data centre specialist out there, it gives in depth knowledge on DC Design and dos and don’ts to achieve the best effective and cost efficient facility.

Charles Mutembei, Co-op Bank, Kenya

Great course and instructor, very helpful & valuable knowledge.

Sameh R Helmy, Intel Corporation, Egypt

It includes what someone needs to get a great knowledge about the data center.

Christian Abinakhoul, Assass Engineering, Lebanon

Emphasises all aspects of building a data centre.

Patrick Depuydt, Barco, Belgium

Already my friends will coming to next round.

Ebrahim Nagib, TE Data, Egypt

Amazing content covered more than expected.

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Mousa, EZDK Steel, Egypt

This is very good course to have if you are planning to enter Data Centre Field.

Sherif Abdul Halim, TE Data, Egypt

As a facility manager I was more an exception, I think, but I am really glad with all the knowledge I got here, thanks!

Michel Maes, Video House, Belgium

Everything was perfect!

Serguei Konovalov, FedEx, Belgium

A wide overview of things you have to keep in mind before starting a DC. After starting building it’s difficult to get it correct.

Alain Janssens, Infrabel, Belgium

Very interesting – clear information – a must.

Tim Opsome, Ingenium, Belgium

Complete scope covered – Pragmatic approach – Experience sharing.

Didier Carton, Infrabel, Belgium

It’s a good summary of everything that needs to be known in the design of a data centre.

Philippe Baudry, Goodyear, Belgium

It is a great course if you want to know and understand the different techniques within data centre design from a global perspective.

Luke Serwy, Regie der Gebouwen, Belgium

Excellent overview on all the DC-design aspects.

Filip Goeteyn, Federal Public Service Finance, Belgium

The course provided a good overall view of data centre design topics and some new insights in my own field of work.

Tom Van Der Burghe, Arcadis, Belgium

In 3 days a concentration of knowledge about a complicated subject.

Philippe de Mey, European Union, Belgium

Good examples of real life situations. Good Course – a lot to take back!

Richard Hortop, Vale of Glamorgan Council, United Kingdom

The course covers important and must know information. So practical and a must have for operations.

Bassem Amin Zayed, Al Rajhi Holdings, United Arab Emirates

The Instructor cooperated with all the students and answered every question.

Ramiz Munier Haroun, Bytex Solutions, United Arab Emirates

The course has given me more of a management perspective frame. This will help me present requirements using the standards taught during the course.

Allen C D’Souza, Emirates NBD, United Arab Emirates

The course is very useful in identifying the basics in data centre design and will lead us to a well organsied data centre with minimum downtime.

Dany Maalouf, Edarat Group, Saudi Arabia

I found this course very informative and touched so many points of interest. I would like to recommend this course for other co-workers.

Mohammed M Obaidat, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia

From my perspective as IT auditor for the bank I found the course very useful despite my lack of electrical and mechanical knowledge.

Sanjay Shah, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia

Our new data center makes total sense, now I understand after attending this training.

Abdulbari Al-Kindi, Oman PDO, Oman

Good Course.

Ibrahim Al-Reisi, Oman PDO, Oman

This course has given me confidence in data centre personnel and IT infrastructure management skills.

Ehindero Gbenga Moses, Reime West Africa, Nigeria

This is a course every MD, CEO, project manager and consultant involved in data centre projects needs.

Umar Mailumo, Syspec Networks Ltd., Nigeria

Very educative course. The training session was excellently delivered.

Oladapo Adewale Moshood, Petrodata Management Services Ltd, Nigeria

I thought I knew about data centres but this course has opened my eyes.

Tunde Dada, Vodacom, Nigeria

Knowledge is power. This is the torchlight to building a reliable data centre.

Adewumi Owolabi, Vodacom, Nigeria

A useful exposition on how to integrate a data centre. I’m glad I attended.

Awusa Kasenya, Shell, Nigeria

It has further enlightened my knowledge of the best standards and practices for data centres.

Adeniyi Ogundare, City Business Computers, Nigeria

The instructor delivered excellently pointing out real life experiences.

Ahmad Enesi Siyaka, Kits Technologies, Nigeria

An excellent course for any Data Centre Manager.

Muhammad Ali, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria

Training given by a company that takes standards and procedures seriously.

Okechukwu Okoromadu, Vodacom, Nigeria

Good information on the data centre management guidelines and procedures.

Olagbenro Adewumi, Resourcery, Nigeria

It really has been wonderful, relevant topics have been discussed and practical experience has been shared.

Hizkiel Getu Gebreselassie, United Nations, Mali

Great course to actually understand the properties behind the day to day workings of a Data center.

David Lordan, Apple, Ireland

Very informative, good detail and relevant. Also informative and up to date.

Anthony McNamara, ESB Electricity, Ireland

Very good content for all aspects of data centre management.

Conor Macken, Johnson Controls, Ireland

Will be happy to do this course again because it was interesting and now I know more about my Data center job. Thanks.

Obed Lolome, GCNET, Ghana

Excellent course, I really enjoyed it!

Mark Pobee, GCNET, Ghana

Good course and very educative. I learnt a lot of new things and would encourage others who have not yet taken part to do so.

Dennis Dogbatse, GCNET, Ghana

It is one of the few courses that combines a lot of knowledge and know-how in one place.

Ahmed Yehia Sherif, Summit Technology Solutions, Egypt

It really covers all the most important topics required to design a data centre.

Antonio Guigno, United Nations, Italy

I found the course notes very comprehensive about all essential areas of DC design.

Karl Mullhall, Interxion, Ireland

As a facilities engineer I found a lot of benefits for me.

Romuald Gvozdovic, Interxion, Ireland

Thank you again for a first class 3 day training course on DCD. It was very informative and it has changed my approach to selecting cooling equipment for my clients data rooms. If you have any interest in data centers this is the course for, highly recommended.

Denis O”Neill, Building Services Engineering Limited, Ireland

Overall excellent content.

Martin Hallinan, IBM, Ireland

Of great benefit to any Building Services engineer involved in the design of Data Centres.

Declan Holmes, Office of Public Works, Ireland

Well worth doing. It will be very beneficial to us while planning our data centres redesign and fit out.

Marese Ryan, Fingal County Council, Ireland

A must have for DC managers but as well for facility managers and CEOs.

Alexandre Koenig, European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems, France

Words fail to express how happy I was, when I started to write something about the course, but all I can say is that it changed my thinking and knowledge of the technology.

Mahmoud Ahmed Taghian, E-Finance, Egypt

The Datacentre design course is a wonderful and fantastic course for any would-be datacentre designer. This is because it captures all aspects of a datacentre design in a easy to understand manner that even a novice to the world of datacentres can easily understand.

Odezi Idiodi, MainOne Cable, Nigeria

Great Course! Gave me full insight on gaps in my Data Center knowledge.

Oluwasayo Oshadami, MainOne Cable, Nigeria

The DCD course was enlightening. It cuts across so many areas realted to data centres and you would be glad you took it. Appllicable to both the novice and the expert.

Tolulope Faloye, MainOne Cable, Nigeria

It is encouraging and an eye opener into best and worst practices in data center design and build.

Femi Babatunde, MainOne Cable, Nigeria

This course is good for anybody involved in the design and management of data centres.

Uchenna Agwu, Integritech, Nigeria

I’ve learned even more than I expected.

Robbert Van Ham, Aegide, Netherlands

A must for all consultants intending to design a data center in the near future.

Alain Gebara, POTEL s.a.r.l., Lebanon

A must have course for everyone who is involved with working in, or related to data centres. I strongly recommend the DCD course and it’s Instructor Mr Flowerday to be presented to firms and organisations.

Badr Yousef Alkhatib, Edarat Group, Lebanon

A great general knowledge about data centers and relevant practice.

Jad Samaha, Edarat Group, Lebanon

Data Center Design teaches engineers to be a system engineer instead of just electrical or mechanical engineer.

Charbel Hebbo, Assass Engineering, Lebanon

The course explains all data center concepts from different code/standards point of view.

Nasser Thebian, Assass Engineering, Lebanon

It gives overall knowledge for any engineer so the course will make the coordination between different disciplines easy.

Georges Chahda, Edarat Group, Lebanon

This will streamline our knowledge to comply with the different Data Centre Standards.

Hafeez Al-Sherief, Du Telecom, United Arab Emirates

It is good to take this course if you are starting a new data centre so you can immediately apply what you have learnt.

Omar A Alowais, DEWA, United Arab Emirates

It is a very helpful course and I will recommend that my team attend this course.

Alaaldin Bashayreh, Du Telecom, United Arab Emirates

You must take this course to know about good data centre design.

Shaj Zachariah, Concepts and Devices, United Arab Emirates

This gives good overall and practical design references for data centres.

Dennis Magkasi, Du Telecom, United Arab Emirates

It is amazing how many different fields the course brings together.

Said Ahmed, United Nations, Uganda

The course will help engineering understand power and cooling in the data centre.

Paul Davies, United Nations, Uganda

The course is very educational. There is so much information in the course that will help in deciding what to consider when designing a new data centre.

Olutope Ogunyebi, United Nations, Uganda

DCD course is so valuable, it makes you think of whatever issues you are facing in Data Centre, and how you can effectively work them out. Thank you Capitoline.

Nayl Alielah, Kudu Corporation, Saudi Arabia

Three days of unique and critical knowledge.

Manea Al Khalifah, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Before the course my knowledge was 50% now I am satisfied with 90%.

Shaik Abdul Qadeer, Ratal Advanced technologies, Saudi Arabia

Everything is perfect!

Abdullah Almutairi, NCDC, Saudi Arabia

It changed my idea how the data centre is designed. It contains much useful material that can help to design data centres.

Mahfoodh Saif Mohammed Al-Hinai, International Information Technology LLC, Oman

Very detailed but easy to digest course delivered in an easy format.

Alan Moss, Wrighton Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Helped me quickly identify crtitical areas I need to address.

Garry Harris, Wrighton Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, United Kingdom

The first and only comprehensive training for data centre operations management.

Mohan Pande, Majid Al Futtaim Group, United Arab Emirates

If you are in charge of a data centre then this course is for you.

Omar Alowais, DEWA, United Arab Emirates

Must know information and a survival kit for the data centre specialist.

Mamdouh Alutaibi, Nokia, Saudi Arabia

This course has added to my knowledge of information and concepts about management of data centres.

Rwyhel Mohamed, Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia

Was very useful for myself as it’s related to my job and will definitely add value.

Hameed Al-Balushi, National Bank of Oman, Oman

This is an excellent course for any Data centre professional out there.

Charles Mutembei, Co-op Bank, Kenya

Anyone managing a datacentre should consinder this course as it is very informative.

James Kariokoo, Co-op Bank, Kenya

There is a lot to learn and apply. The content was well delivered.

Irene Njuki, Co-op Bank, Kenya

The course has given me an indepth understanding of Data Centre design, operations and management and I can apply knowledge at work.

William Warui, Co-op Bank, Kenya

Amazing instructor !

Benjamin Adatsi, Stanbic Bank, Ghana

Simply excellent; all information is at your disposal. This must be a mandatory course for all people that work in a DC.

Luigi Paulon, AG Insurance, Belgium

Excellent course! The instructor delivers excellent knowledge.

Etienne Stercq, IRIS, Belgium

Don’t build a datacenter without first following the course!

Michel Maes, Videohouse, Belgium

An informative and professionally presented course. Very useful to get a good general understanding of the overall Data Centre environment.

Adrian Elms, Lewis Electrical, United Kingdom

Very useful to see all aspects of data centre design rather than having knowledge of ones own discipline.

Ian Hussey, GEA Denco, United Kingdom

The course was an excellent refresher for me and for others with little or no previous data centre design experience it provides a very solid foundation and understanding of all the key elements of modern day data centre design.

Robert Donaldson, Queens University, United Kingdom

A very informative overview of efficient data centre design.

Nial Grimes, Carmarthenshire County Council, United Kingdom

Good course. We should have heard about this course earlier.

Noura Al Baloushi, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, United Kingdom

A worthwhile course for anybody who is into data centres to understand the concepts well.

Rajesh, Rittal, United Arab Emirates

It would be very helpful for all telecom & IT specialists to have this training to give wider knowledge while designing, planning and implementing data centre projects.

Matei (Chippy) Ciprian, Du Telecom, United Arab Emirates

Instructor is very good.

Tamer Al Shami, CDA, United Arab Emirates

The time spent is well worth it.

George Khouri, Applicom, United Arab Emirates

I now know more on the whole data centre picture.

Asef Baddar, Leviton, United Arab Emirates