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Capitoline Launches Online Training and Data Centre Blog

We are delighted to announce the simultaneous launch of our new Online Data Centre Training, ‘Training by Capitoline’, and our new Data Centre Blog on this website.

Capitoline has been providing data centre training since 2005 when we wrote the very first data centre training course. With the launch of this new site our training is now available online for you to learn at your own pace where and when you want to. If you prefer classroom training, don’t worry, that is still available through scheduled courses or OnSite training.

Our new site is dedicated to our classroom and online training portfolio and we will be supporting this with this data centre blog and a free white paper technical library. Everything we do is presented from an independent, vendor-neutral perspective.

Beware of free technical advice, training, audits etc. from manufacturers and suppliers because if a product is free, especially on the internet, then ultimately you are the product.

Capitoline was originally started to provide independent technical advice to data centre managers, users, operators and builders. Our sister site, explains in more detail our auditing and design capabilities and track record in the data centre arena.

It is from our data centre auditing work that most of our training business has developed as we saw with our own eyes the expensive outcomes from poor design and management of data centres.

This blog will focus on our core interests, namely

  • The best technical design for data centres and related IT facilities
  • The best facilities management processes to keep your data centre running
  • Energy saving technology that works in the real world of accountants and CFOs
  • International standards that give genuine guidance on best practice

Very often a blog subject will be backed up by a white paper to give greater technical detail. If you look at our existing set of white papers you will see that we have often identified subjects that later become of increasing importance in the industry. For instance, fire safety engineering in data centres has been one of our key focus points over the years and we will continue to explore this often overlooked subject.

On a wider marketing philosophy we will look at how edge data centres will prevent the wholesale closure of your local data centre and the seemingly inevitable march towards putting everything in either a cloud or a giant colocation data centre.

We will continue to monitor data centre (and related) standards and bring the latest news to you. We are involved in the development of European and American data centre standards and will seek to highlight the relevance of this valuable collection of technical and managerial advice to the wider public.

In the coming months and years we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you via this data centre blog, whitepapers and our training.

I’ll end with a quote from Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.