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Data Centre Failures and how to avoid them

Data Centre Failures

We, at Capitoline, have developed our own data centre management and operations methods largely based on our work with existing related standards, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and other data centre audit customers.

We thought a good place to start establishing good practices would be to try and analyse why data centres go wrong and put in place practices which prevent these failures. Information on this has been published before but usually by manufacturers who have a specific interest in justifying a demand for their own products or sometimes by users such as Google who are not in a hurry to give much away about their own shortcomings. As a result information tends to be varied and with no common reporting terminology.

Over a sixty month period, 219 major failures were identified. This paper explains what caused them and how you can avoid the same happening to your facility.

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Data Centre Temperature – Is hotter better?

Data Centre Temperature

Data Centre Temperature – Should it be hotter? There are many stories in the technical press and online about the virtues of running data centres hotter and hotter in order to save electricity and money overall. However this is a game of diminishing returns and at some point running the data centre hotter will be more trouble than its worth.

This paper explains why running your data centre hotter may not be the best thing to do.

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Requirement for data centre auditing for the Finance, Banking and Insurance industries

Data Centre auditing for finance, banking and insurance industries

All industries and corporations now rely upon Information Technology for the success and very survival of their business and none more so than the finance, banking and insurance industry.

Financial industries have particular requirements put upon them for the security of their data and physical assets, ability to back up their data and an audit trail of transactions.

In some areas of the world legislation has been passed to force financial institutions to demonstrate this required level of security and backup.

In this paper we discuss this legislation and the standards which can be used to prove compliance.

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What is Data Centre Operations Management ?

Data Centre Operations Management Room

Data centre operations management, sometimes referred to as data centre facilities management, means looking after the physical structure of the data centre and is a separate discipline from the Information Technology (IT) function that the data centre exists to provide.

In this paper we discuss the distinction between IT systems management and data centre management.

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Data Centre Management vs Design. Which is more important?

Data Centre Design versus Data Centre Operations Management

A well designed and run Tier 3 data centre may last 40 years without major failure whereas a poorly operated Tier 4 data centre could fail every six months. A well designed data centre must surely be easier to manage but without good management the data centre will not provide the service for which it was built.

In this paper we discuss the importance of both data centre design and a data centre operational management in improving the availability of data centre services.