Corporate Bespoke Training

Whether you need a one off Custom Data Centre Workshop or an ongoing Corporate Training Program for your employees we will develop bespoke training and deliver this for you online or in the classroom.

bespoke trainnig agenda

Bespoke Training

You can tell us the agenda or we can help you to assess the requirements and propose the agenda. You may wish to provide tailored bespoke training programs for each team or even different training for each employee role in your organisation. Where appropriate, we will create bespoke online assessments to help establish the individual staff aspirations and their training needs.

tailored learning paths

Tailored Learning Paths

Once the requirement has been established course programs will be developed specifically for your organisation. These can be online, classroom based or a combination of both. Different employees can be provided with different learning paths.

group leader reporting

Group Leader Reporting

You can have multiple groups of employees on different training programs and assign Group Leaders to each online course group. Group Leaders can monitor the progress of the group members and see when they complete lessons and courses and see quiz and course exam results.

happy employees means greater data centre uptime and efficiency

Reap the Reward

Happier employees, improved employee retention and a knowledgeable workforce make for a more efficient facility with improved uptime.

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