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Data Centre Primer Training

DCP Data Centre Primer

This course is for individuals who want to gain a good understanding of the data centre environment, the key management considerations and the data centre market. Even if you are only involved in one aspect of the market it is important to understand the terminology the industry uses. The data centre environment is multi-disciplinary and this course is designed to give students a broad understanding of all the disciplines involved. more…

8 hrs1 day1 day
Data Centre Design Training

DCD Data Centre Design

You will learn the best practices for infrastructure design and layout of a data centre or computer room. We guide you through the design process as only a data centre designer can. Using the practical experience derived by Capitoline from designing and auditing computer rooms and data centres this course focuses on the best practices in the specification, sizing and design of data centres. more…

21 hrs3 days3 days5 days
Data Centre Operations Management Training

DCOM Data Centre Operations Manager

You will learn exactly what documentation, policies and procedures you should have to ensure your facility runs smoothly. It covers everything in EN50600-3-1 the only data centre standard to properly discuss operations and management and much more. Learn from the mistakes of others. Based on our practical experience derived from auditing 100s of data centres across the world. more…

14 hrs2 days2 days4 days
Data Centre Expert Training

DCE Data Centre Expert

DCE Data Centre Expert has been independently evaluated as a Level 5 European Qualification. It is a 5 day course (Online or Classroom) which includes DCD Data Centre Design and DCOM Data Centre Operations Management. After passing both courses you will be awarded a DCE Data Centre Expert Certificate and Logo.more…

35 hrs5 days5 days9 days

DCAF Data Centre Auditor Facilities

If you are responsible for managing a data centre and want to assess your own data centre or if you wish to audit data centres on behalf of your customers then DCAF Data Centre Auditor Facilities course is right for you. We recommend taking our DCP Data Centre Primer or DCD Data Centre Design course before taking this course to ensure you have an appropriate understanding of the topics discussed in this course.more…

14 hrs2 days2 days4 days
Data Centre Technician Training

DCT Data Centre Technican

On this course Technicians will gain comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the data centre and its operations to help them carry out work in the data centre effectively and with minimal risk. The skill and knowledge of today‚Äôs Data Centre Technician has a major impact on the smooth running of a data centre facility. With a thorough understanding of the physical infrastructure issues can be identified and faults can be rectified quickly. In many cases they can be prevented altogether.more…

3 days3 days5 days
Data Centre Technician Training

DCCS Data Centre Cleaning Specialist

On this course you will gain comprehensive understanding of the problems of dust and debris in a data centre, what the standards say about cleanliness. You will about the different spaces in the data centre and why they are laid out in a certain way. We teach you how to avoid causing problems with sensitive and valuable equipment and above all how to clean a data centre and respond to emergency cleaning requirements.more…

7 hrs1 day