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This Data Centre Blog is published so that Data Centre Managers can stay informed. It includes updates to data centre standards and best practices because we know you want to keep up to date. Links to white papers will further increase your knowledge. To view some content you may need to be registered or a subscriber to one of our data centre courses.

How Insects dirt and dust cause data centre failures

There is plenty of evidence that dirt, dust and debris poses a real risk in data centers. We will look at some examples we have found through our work as data center consultants.

A new ISO Data Centre Standard is on its way

For many years we have been relying on Telecommunications Cabling Standards and proprietary documents to guide us in data centre design. No longer. An ISO data centre standard is coming…

Standards for data centre certification. Is a changing coming?

How do we decide which data centre standard to build a new data centre to and who can certify that it meets the requirements of the standard? Read more to find out…

GDPR in the Data Centre – Secure data destruction

In the year since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, what impact has it had on those who operate, manage and use data centres?

Specialist fire training to reduce data centre outages

Data centre fires and false alarms account for the longest periods of facilities-related data centre outages – in excess of twenty-four hours on average. Targeted fire-safety management training for data centre professionals will reduce this. Read more…

The return of the small data centre – but now it’s called an Edge Data Centre

We have seen a decade of consolidation of the data centre industry with larger and larger data centres being built in clusters around London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and now more and more, Dublin. This centralised approach is dominated by big colocation companies such as Equinix and Interxion and by Cloud providers such as Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. The downsides of centralisation, as in any business, are reliability, costs (if your customers are very distributed) and network latency, i.e. the delay caused by long communications links between computers and networking equipment.If you have a lot of users storing and processing data in an area remote from the traditional centres of cloud providers then it makes sense to build a smaller datacentre nearer to the customers, hence the rise (or resurgence) of the Edge data centre.

The data centre skill shortage

Every few months we see a headline, like this one, in the technical press, and the article is usually written by a training company keen to point out said shortage. So when I saw a similar headline recently, but headlined by Google, Microsoft and Uber it caught my eye. The spokesman for Microsoft mentioned the […]

Capitoline Launches Online Training and Data Centre Blog

We are delighted to announce the simultaneous launch of our new Online Data Centre Training, ‘Training by Capitoline’, and our new Data Centre Blog on this website. With the launch of this new site our training is now available online for you to learn at your own pace where and when you want to.