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Live Webinar: Self-certification of a data centre

Date, time: June 17th, Wednesday, 9am London time / 12 pm Dubai time / 11 am Riyadh, Doha time

A 45-minute webinar by Capitoline, hosted by our Dubai partners e-sharp, on the basics of self-certifying a data centre to the requirements of international standards TIA942, BICSI-002, EN50600 and ISO 22237.

  • What are the international standards? A review of TIA942, BICSI-002, EN50600 and ISO 22237.
  • Is the UpTime Institute a ‘real standard’? How does it compare?
  • Ratings, Classes and Tiers: what do they mean?
  • Example models of Rating/Tier power, cooling and cabling layouts
  • Where do ISO27001 and ISO9001 fit in?
  • Policies, procedures and management
  • What do you actually have to do to audit and certify a data centre to a Standard?
  • Further education in data centre engineering and management

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Barry Elliott, RCDD, DCE, ATD, CIBSE

Matt Flowerday, RCDD, DCDC, DCE, RTPM, ATD