Online Data Center Training

Read about the key benefits of our Online Data Center Training…


Learn where you want to

With our online data center training you choose where you learn, at home, in the office, on holiday, it’s up to you. All you need is an internet connection a PC, Tablet or Phone.

Learn at your own pace

You decide the pace at which you learn so you can study when it is convenient for you. If you get interrupted just start again from where you you left off. You do not need to put aside fixed days to attend a classroom.


Have a question? Ask the instructor

You may be learning by yourself but you are not alone. If you have a question you can ask our instructors.

We have made the online data center training material as clear as possible. Each point is explained using clear graphics or photographs with a clear English narrative and detailed notes. We know that you will have questions and our instructors will answer them. All students can communicate with our instructors during the course.


Take your own Course Notes

If there are specific points you want to remember then make a note and come back to it whenever you need to.

You can add notes at any time. You can also view your course notes from the course lesson where you made them or view all your course notes together.


Learn from our Expert Instructors

Each of our instructors has over 30 year’s experience. They have audited hundreds of data centers and designed many new data center facilities. Furthermore they have improved data center operations for many customers and will share their knowledge with you.

We have helped thousands of people to understand data centers better. We think we are the best but don’t take our word for it, read what our students have to say.


Watch, Listen and Search course content

Data Center Course modules contain graphical presentations and photographs to make learning easier. The modules have clear English narrative if you prefer to listen and comprehensive searchable notes if you wish to read the content.

You can manually skip through the material or jump forward and backward, whichever suits you best. The combination of outstanding training material presented in three forms leads to a comprehensive learning experience. Try one of our FREE Data Center Training modules and find out for yourself.


Regular reviews help to reinforce your learning experience

Throughout the course there are mini quizzes to help you to check your understanding and improve the retention of information.

If you are unsure whether you’ve understood you can always search for the relevant topic and refresh your understanding. If you’re still unsure you can ask the instructor.


Get a Certified Data Center Qualification and prove it !

Our data center courses are fully certified and independently assessed.

Each student receives a certificate after passing the online exam. With your certificate you will get a copy of the course logo which you can use to demonstrate your achievement to others. You can include the logo in your email signature. Data Center Certificates can be checked by contacting Capitoline so the value of your achievement is secured.


The use of real data center project examples means a realistic learning experience

Through many years of auditing 100s of data centers and helping clients to improve their infrastructures and data center operations management processes we have learnt what works and what doesn’t.

Many data center managers only see a few facilites during their career. Our instructors see different facilities every month. We have seen every type of facility across the world from corporate computer rooms to colocation data centers and you benefit from this experience.