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We are happy to consider new locations for delivering our classroom training. Why not Host Data Centre Training in your region?

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Global data centre training

Enhance your profile

High quality training gives your customers confidence in your skills because when you bring Capitoline training to your customers you are helping them to succeed. They will start to see you as a partner rather than just a supplier.

Build stronger customer relationships

Building new business relationships is hard. Even getting to talk to a new customer about your services and products can be almost impossible. Furthermore, the bigger the business opportunity the harder it can be. The opportunity to offer high quality professional training focused on the subjects your customer is concerned about can help to break down those barriers.

Establish a new, profitable revenue stream

Offering Capitoline Data Centre Training can provide another profitable revenue stream for you and will often lead to other opportunities. Capitoline is a data centre consultancy and so there is also the opportunity to offer our data centre certification, auditing and consultancy services.