DCCS Certified Data Centre Cleaning Specialist Online Course Subscription (8 hrs)


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A Data Centre Design Cleaning Specialist Course – The First and Only Certified DC cleaning course

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Using the practical experience derived by Capitoline from auditing computer rooms and data centres and assisting customers in improving operations management, the DCCS Data Centre Cleaning Specialist Course focuses on the best practices for the safe and reliable cleaning of data centers and related telecommunications and information technology spaces.

We will show you how to understand the risks caused by dirt, dust and debris build-up and how to deal with them.

Dust is a major cause of failure of electronic components but cleaning IT equipment in a live data center environment poses its own set of unique challenges. We will teach you how to overcome these.

Data centre consultancy is what our instructors do when they are not training. If you have a question they will have the answer.

What will you learn?

This comprehensive data centre cleaning course covers everything from understanding the problems caused by dust and debris in a data centre and what the international standards have to say about mitigating against issues to identifying the equipment and materials needed and the process and procedures to follow when cleaning a data centre.

Failure of a data centre can be catastrophic and very costly. We will explain the pitfalls of working in this environment and how to avoid being the cause of a failure.

You will learn how to deal with floods, oil, battery acid, zinc whiskers and more.

You will learn how to prepare beforehand, health and safety issues related to cleaning data centers and the importance of producing reports and what should be in them.

Simply the best learning experience

Many Data Centre Managers only experience a few facilities in their career. Our instructors see new facilities every month. If you have a question they will have the answer.

The course is packed with information and quizzes to help you in understanding all aspects of data centre cleaning.

If anything is not clear then our instructors are available to answer your questions. They are data centre consultants with many years experience in design and auditing and assisting customers in developing operations management processes and procedures so you can learn from their practical experience.

The course is kept continuously up to date and explains in detail the relevance of US, UK, European and International standards and how to apply them. Our instructors are actively involved in the committees developing European and American data centre standards.

You can take this course online or alternatively we would be pleased to arrange an OnSite course for you.

Our training is recognised internationally find out more here.

Available as an Online Course Subscription

Access to the online data centre design course is provided by subscription.

All course subscribers have access to online animated, narrated lessons supported by detailed notes. Find out more about the features of online courses here.

Renewing your annual subscription gives you continued access to the course material to use as a reference. If you have an active subscription you will automatically get access to the latest updated versions of the course.

There are also regular quizzes to help you learn

  • Quizzes and a final exam to confirm learning and progress

Who should take this course?

  • Directors and Managers of Data Centre Cleaning Companies
  • Cleaners planning to work in a Data Centre
  • Facilities managers
  • Data Centre Managers
  • Data Centre Technicians

Get Certified – Certificate and Logo

If you complete this DCCS data centre cleaning specialist course and pass the exam you will be awarded a certificate and the right to use the DCCS logo and the DCCS designation after your name whilst your certificate is valid. The certificate will expire three years from the date of issue of the certificate. In order to renew certification, it will normally necessary to pay for and take a renewal examination and to be subscribed to the appropriate course. Near the end of your certificate expiry we will send a reminder to your registered email address to explain the process.

Course Content

Introduction to Data Center Cleaning

  • The main reasons for failure in a data center
  • Why dust and dirt is a problem in a data center
  • The main sources of contamination
  • The cost of a data center failing

Data Center Standards

  • What data center standards exist
  • Other bodies which influence data center design and management
  • What these standards and organisations say about environmental quality in data centers
  • What filters should be in place to reduce dust and debris

Data Center Layouts

  • What a data center is
  • The different types of data center
  • How are computer rooms laid out
  • Why are they arranged in certain ways
  • The different rooms and spaces in a data center
  • Why we need ventilation
  • Types of racks
  • The construction of raised floors

How to clean a data center

  • What to do before you start
  • Daily Clean, Monthly clean and Annual clean
  • The best cleaning sequence – what order to clean in
  • Sizing the computer room from an IT requirement
  • Cleaning products and equipment
  • Working safely around fire systems
  • Working with raised floors
  • Exceptional cleaning after incidents
  • Reporting, test and certification

Security and Health and Safety

  • Risk assessments
  • COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • Working with risks and hazards
  • Access permission
  • Specific risks in data centers
  • Incident Reporting

Emergency and Exceptional Cleaning

  • Exceptional Cleans
  • Cleaning after fire suppression gas release
  • Cleaning after aerosol powder fire suppression release
  • Dealing with floods
  • Dealing with Oil Spills
  • Understanding batteries and dealing with Battery Acid Spills
  • Dealing with Zinc Whiskers