DCOM Certified Data Centre Operations Management Online Course Subscription (14 hrs)


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Data Centre Operations Management Course

On the DCOM Data Centre Operations Management Course you will learn the best practices for the Management and Operation of a data centre. We teach you exactly which documentation, policies and procedures you should have to ensure your facility runs smoothly. It includes everything in EN50600-3-1, the only data centre standard to properly discuss operations and management and much more.

Based on real experience

Learn from the mistakes of others. The Data Centre Operations Management Course includes practical experience derived from auditing 100s of data centres across the world.

This was the first ever data centre operations management course. It is still unique in the industry. Others have similar titles but are lacking in content. On the DCOM Data Centre Operations Management Course you will learn how to manage your data centre with improved availability and reduced cost.

What will you learn?

This comprehensive Data Centre Operations Management Course will show you how to manage your data centre to improve reliability and security and maximise energy efficiency.

Many of the most common and catastrophic data centre failures are caused by the lack of simple procedures. We show you the critical “must have” processes that help you to avoid the common failures.

Simply the best learning experience

Often Data Centre Managers only experience a few facilities in their career. Our instructors see new facilities every month. If you have a question they will have the answer.

The DCOM Data Centre Operations Management course is packed with information to help you to understand energy efficiency, capacity management and many other topics. If you want to just read the slides then try one of our competitors. If you want a real learning experience come to us.

If anything is not clear then our instructors are available to answer your questions. They are data centre consultants with many years experience in design and auditing so you can learn from their practical experience.

The course is kept continuously up to date and explains in detail the relevance of US, UK, European and International standards and how to apply them. Our instructors are actively involved in the committees developing European and American data centre standards.

You can take this course online or by attending a classroom course.

Our training is recognised internationally find out more here.

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Available as an Online Course Subscription

Access to online Data Centre Operations Management Course is provided by subscription.

All course subscribers have access to online animated, narrated lessons supported by detailed notes. Find out more about the features of online courses here.

Renewing your annual subscription gives you continued access to the course material to use as a reference. If you have an active subscription you will automatically get access to the latest updated versions of the course.

Available as a Classroom Course

When you book on the classroom course you will also be given access to the online course Subscription for three years. Access will be granted on receipt by Capitoline of your payment (Note: If booking through a 3rd party this may be later than your payment to them). When you take the classroom course there will be class exercises to help with your understanding.

Available as a Virtual Instructor-Led Course

Virtual Instructor-Led courses are provided over a video link. You are supported by two instructors, one leads the course whilst the other is available to answer questions you have during the course. This also ensures reliable continuity as each instructor joins via separate Internet connections and each is fully conversant with all of our courses. When you book on the Virtual Instructor-Led course you will also be given access to the online course Subscription for three years.

There are also regular quizzes to help you learn

  • Quizzes and a final exam to confirm learning and progress

Who should take this course?

  • IT managers and directors
  • Data centre managers and directors
  • Facilities managers

Get Certified – Certificate and Logo

If you complete this course and pass the exam you will be awarded a certificate and the right to use the DCOM logo and the DCOM designation after your name whilst your certificate is valid. The certificate will expire three years from the date of issue of the certificate. In order to renew certification it will normally be necessary to pay for and take a renewal examination and to be subscribed to the appropriate course. Near the end of your certificate expiry we will send a reminder to your registered email address to explain the process.

Course Content

Introduction to data centre operations management (DCOM)

  • Why we need DCOM
  • What good DCOM should involve
  • What standards define best practices for data centre design and management

Accepting a new Data Centre

  • What documentation should be expected
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing
  • When the commissioning process should start
  • What acceptance testing should be carried out
  • What organisational preparation should be in place

Operational Information and Parameters

  • The importance of keeping records of the data centre’s operational parameters
  • What operational parameters should be documented

Operations Management

  • House-keeping, checklists, PPM, service contracts
  • What maintenance should be carried out
  • What maintenance records should be kept
  • Monitoring, BMS and DCIM
  • Event Management

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Timely renewal of infrastructure
  • Factors in deciding when to replace equipment
  • Recycling considerations after decommissioning

Incident Management

  • How alarms should be communicated
  • How incidents should be recorded
  • The importance of a recovery plan
  • Key Performance Indicators for Incident Management

Change management

  • How to structure a change control process
  • The importance of risk assessment and fall back processes
  • The approval process and the need for permits to work
  • The relationship of change management with other management processes
  • Key Performance Indicators for Change Management

Asset and Configuration management

  • What an asset register should contain
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Labelling and references
  • Intelligent Cabling Management systems
  • KPIs for Asset and Configuration Management

Capacity management

  • Design, provisioned and actual capacity
  • How to monitor for Capacity Management
  • ‘N’ capacity of power and cooling systems
  • Floor loading calculations
  • How far ahead to forecast capacity requirements
  • Key Performance Indicators for Capacity Management

Health and Safety management

  • The importance of having a Health and Safety Management policy
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Hazards specific to a data centre
  • Key Performance Indicators for Health and Safety Management

Availability Management

  • Why data centres fail
  • The consequences of a data centre failure
  • How failures can be prevented
  • Risk assessment
  • Disaster recovery
  • KPIs for Availability Management

Security and Fire Management

  • Security risk assessment
  • Security standards appropriate to data centres
  • Operational security precautions to put in place
  • Visitor and staff management
  • Managing fire risk
  • How to develop a Fire Management strategy

Energy and Resource Management

  • Energy Metrics including PUE and DCiE
  • EU Code of Conduct & Best Practice
  • Power and CO2 emissions relationships
  • How to make energy savings
  • Optimising airflow management
  • Reducing energy consumption and improve efficiency
  • 3-phase power balancing
  • Power factor improvement
  • KPIs for Energy and Resource Management

Cost Management

  • Forecasting and management of cost
  • What to include in budgets and forecasts
  • Key Performance Indicators for Cost Management

Customer Management

  • Obligations of the data centre operator
  • Obligations of the customer
  • Service Level Agreements
  • House Rules
  • Managing communications with customers
  • KPIs for Customer Management

Supplier Management

  • Obligations of the data centre operator
  • Obligations of the supplier
  • Conformance monitoring
  • Equipment and materials management

Data Centre Strategy

  • Aligning the data centre capabilities with the needs of its users and owners
  • The purpose of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Using KPIs for continuous improvement

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