DCP Certified Data Centre Primer Online Course Subscription (14 hrs)


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This course is for individuals who want to gain a good understanding of the data centre environment, the key management considerations and the data centre market. It is ideally suited to anyone new to the data centre industry. Content includes;

  • Introduction to the data centre market
  • Explanation of what a data centre is
  • Overview of the physical infrastructure

A Data Centre Primer Course based on real project experience

Even if you are only involved in one aspect of the market it is important to understand the terminology the industry uses. The data centre environment is multi-disciplinary and this course is designed to give students a broad understanding of all the disciplines involved.

This Data Centre Primer course has been developed to give a good fundamental grounding knowledge of the market and the facilities.

Data centre design and auditing is what our instructors do when they are not training. If you have a question they will have the answer.

What will you learn?

This comprehensive data centre primer course covers all of the infrastructure you will find in a data centre and discusses the critical aspects which improve resilience.
You will learn how cooling systems work, the key components of the power system and what they do along with the IT cabling, Fire systems and the IT equipment. You will also understand why data centres are laid out in a certain way along with some of the key operational parameters.
Data centre design and auditing is what our instructors do when they are not training. If you have a question they will have the answer.

Simply the best learning experience

Many Data Centre Managers only experience a few facilities in their career. Our instructors see new facilities every month. If you have a question they will have the answer.

The course is packed with information and exercises to help you in understanding all aspects of data centre infrastructure.

If anything is not clear then our instructors are available to answer your questions. They are data centre consultants with many years experience in design and auditing so you can learn from their practical experience.

The course is kept continuously up to date and explains in detail the relevance of US, UK, European and International standards and how to apply them. Our instructors are actively involved in the committees developing European and American data centre standards.

You can take this course online or by attending a classroom course.

Our training is recognised internationally find out more here.

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Available as a Classroom Course

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Available as a Virtual Instructor-Led Course

Virtual Instructor-Led courses are provided over a video link. You are supported by two instructors, one leads the course whilst the other is available to answer questions you have during the course. This also ensures reliable continuity as each instructor joins via separate Internet connections and each is fully conversant with all of our courses. When you book on the Virtual Instructor-Led course you will also be given access to the online course Subscription for three years.

There are also regular quizzes to help you learn

  • Quizzes and a final exam to confirm learning and progress

Who should take this course?

Anyone wishing to gain an understanding of data centres and the data centre market.

Get Certified – Certificate and Logo

If you complete this DCP data centre primer course and pass the exam you will be awarded a certificate and the right to use the DCP logo and the DCP designation after your name whilst your certificate is valid. The certificate will expire three years from the date of issue of the certificate. In order to renew certification, it will normally necessary to pay for and take a renewal examination and to be subscribed to the appropriate course. Near the end of your certificate expiry we will send a reminder to your registered email address to explain the process.

Course Content

Introduction to data centres

  • The data centre market
  • Data centres vs computer rooms
  • Different types of data centre
  • The international data centre standards<
  • Understanding Availability and Resilience
  • N, N+1, 2N, Tiers/Ratings/Classes etc.

The Physical Infrastructure

IT Systems and their correct installation

  • The IT equipment which is housed in the data centre. Servers, Storage, Networking, IT Security

Space and Places

  • Location, the rooms we need in our data centre and some basic considerations for the facility

Raised access floors

  • Raised floors do not have to be used in a computer room but many computer rooms do have them. When they are used they must be correctly engineered

Racks and computer room layout

  • One of the most important considerations in the design of the data centre is the choice of racks and the layout of the computer room. If the correct rack configuration and layout is chosen it will help to improve the efficiency of the room and reduce the running costs

Air conditioning

  • Understanding the principles of cooling, different types of system and the issues affecting cooling capacity and minimising energy consumption


  • Exploring the components of the Power systems and their function. How we make a more reliable data centre

Grounding, Earthing and Bonding

  • An explanation of the reasons for earthing ground and bonding and the specific needs in a data centre.

Fire Alarm and Suppression

  • Options for detecting fire, providing alarms to warn occupants of the danger and suppression systems to extinguish the fire


  • The fundamental components of cabling, some issues with high speed networking and the principles of cabling design.